Join the guild

As a member of Inkubio, you are allowed to sign up to any event of the guild, and you will also receive the guild’s weekly newsletter. The membership fee is 8 euros. You can become a member by paying the fee and following the instructions below.


Payment information:

Account number: FI65 1309 3500 1028 76
Receiver: Inkubio ry
Reference number: 1229
Sum: 8 €

Remember to use the reference number!

If you are from a country that doesn’t use IBAN format, you can pay the fee also in cash to the International Officer.

In addition, you need to send an email to the treasurer ( with the following information if you were not a member of Inkubio in the previous year:

  1. Your full name
  2. City of residence in Finland
  3. Your AYY membership status
  4. Your email, if not the same as the one you sent the email from

Welcome to Inkubio!