Task descriptions

The Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the board is a person who is responsible for the operations of the guild. He/she calls together and chairs the board meetings. The chairman is in charge of creating the budget and agenda for the calendar year. He/she also has to supervise that the board’s plans materialise into something concrete. The chairman makes sure that the guild follows its own rules and also the association law. Alongside the Master of Studies, the chairman takes care of the supervision of interests in the academic decision making with the school.

Secretary is the person in the board who creates a minute for every board meeting and archives them into a paper archive and also to an online archive that is visible on the guild’s webpages. The secretary also adds board meetings to the guild’s event calendar and books the meeting rooms. The responsibilities usually include acting as a secretary in the association’s general meetings as well.

Treasurer’s job is to manage all things related to money in the guild. In practise this means planning and supervising the budget, paying bills, accounting and writing the annual financial statement. Updating the list of active members is also a task of the treasurer. Treasurer’s job is a pedantic one, but something that requires no prior experience.

The host and the hostess are the leaders of the event committee. The duo is in charge of organising all the guild’s events and responsible for their execution. This means that there is a lot of room for creativity – without forgetting the traditions. The host and the hostess are in charge of making the space reservations, planning the menu and marketing the events. The most important task is to upkeep and develop the event culture by listening to the opinions of guild members and creating events that accommodate everyone. Helping the host and the hostess with arranging the events is Rattoseura.

Freshman Captain
The freshman captain’s responsibilities are all things related to the new freshmen ranging from informing about events to organising them. The role lasts for a year and a half, and the first spring is spent by helping the old freshman captain and preparing for the new freshmen. The fall and the following spring consist of guiding your own freshmen towards the title of a teekkari. Other members of the guild’s freshman committee are the leader of the ISOs (tutors) and the international captain, who help the freshman captain along with all the ISOs.

Master of Studies
The master of studies supervises the guild members’ interests concerning studies. Targets for development range from individual courses to degree program structure and study advising. The master of studies also arranges events such as book fairs and study-related info sessions, as well as conducts an annual study survey to measure the guild members’ opinions concerning their studies and the degree program.

Master of Internal and External Affairs
The master of internal and external affairs is responsible for the guild room and keeping in contact with student associations in other universities. He/she makes sure that the guild room stays tidy and comfortable and purchases new equipment or furniture when needed. The tasks regarding the external affairs include, for example, organizing events with associations from other universities.

Master of Communications
The primary task of the master of communications is informing the guild members of events and other interesting matters by composing and sending a weekly newsletter. Other responsibilities include maintaining the guild’s website and the document archive and organising a photo shoot of the guild’s board and officials. The master of communications receives and filters a lot of email traffic from other associations, companies and the university administration, and maintains the guild’s many mailing lists. He/she is the chair of the guild’s communications committee which, among other things, publishes the guild magazine S’napsi.

Master of Corporate Relations
The master of corporate relations and the corporate relations committee manage Inkubio’s connections to corporate life. The committee’s main tasks are making sponsoring agreements with companies and arranging excursions (visits to company premises). The committee also organizes corporate events where companies can introduce themselves and discuss with the students about job opportunities. The master of corporate relations delegates tasks to committee members and takes care of the necessary paperwork.

Assembly committees
All board members also belong to their respective assembly committees (TMK) functioning under AYY. The committees provide peer support and cooperation across guild boundaries, without forgetting having fun together. Below is a (possibly imperfect) list of these assembly committees.

Council – The chairs of the board
RTMK – The treasurers
IE – Hosts and hostesses
ITMK – Leaders of the ISOs (tutors)
FTMK – Freshman captains
KVTMK – International officials
Study Council – Study managers
HVTMK – Wellbeing Committee (Master of internal and external affairs)
VTMK – Communications managers, secretaries and editors in chief
YTMK – Corporate managers


Descriptions of officials’ tasks

The tasks of Inkubio’s most common volunteer officials’ positions are described below. The positions usually evolve with each holder, so as an official you can adjust your work according to your own motivation. You can also apply for a position not listed here at all! Guild officials are recruited in the fall along with new board members. However, you can also contact the board even outside the actual recruiting period if you begin to feel like you can help the guild in an official’s position.

Apoptoosi Committee

Director of Apoptoosi
The honorable task of the director of Apoptoosi is to organise Inkubio’s anniversary celebration. The directors often work as a duo or a trio, as the anniversary requires a lot of preparation. The directors are helped by Apoptoosi officials, as well as many freshmen who are completing their mandatory duties to earn their Teekkari caps.

Graphic Artist of Apoptoosi
The graphic artist of Apoptoosi helps the directors in creating Apoptoosi’s graphical look that fits the party’s theme. The graphic artist uses their artistic vision to design, for example, the invitation letters, website and decorations.

Nekroosi Coordinator
The day after the anniversary party is spent in a morning after brunch called Nekroosi. The Nekroosi coordinator is in charge of the space reservation, food and other things required to organise a great brunch. The Nekroosi manager also has freshmen as workforce.

Apoptoosi Official
Apoptoosi officials help the directors in planning and executing Apoptoosi.

Freshman Committee

ISO Coordinator
The ISO coordinator recruits Inkubio’s ISOs (tutors) and acts as their support and contact person. The position is held for a year and a half, from the beginning of the year to the following year’s Wappu.

International Coordinator
The international coordinator is the link between Inkubio and the international students of the degree program. The tasks include sending an English version of the weekly newsletter to the international students and helping them integrate into the Finnish student life. The international coordinator often also acts as an international tutor of AYY.

ISO (Tutor)
The ISOs help, guide and support the new freshmen in their first year of studies, and they help the freshman committee in organising freshman events. ISOs are not actually Inkubio’s officials, so they are listed on their own page [linkki] and they are recruited separately from the guild officials.

Studies Committee

Studies Official
The studies officials help the master of studies in, for example, organising study-related events and analysing the results of the annual study survey.

LST Official
The LST official organises events for both Finnish and international students of the Master’s program in Life Science Technologies. Bachelor’s students can also apply for this position. Inkubio’s LST official belongs to the LST committee, which brings together LST officials from all LST guilds.

Electric Wheelchair Official
The electric wheelchair official is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Inkubio’s electric wheelchair. They control the reservation calendar, course collaborations and other ways to keep the wheelchair available to students, as well as help the users with technical details. The official may also develop the chair functionalities and, when needed, seeks funding for bigger development projects.

Internal and External Committee

Sugar Butt
The sugar butt makes sure that the guild room’s snack bar contains both sweet and savory products desired by visitors, not forgetting the vitally important coffee. Responsibilities also include bookkeeping of consumption and minding the quild members’ wishes to improve the snack service.

Tuma Official
The Tuma official is responsible of the guild room (“Tuma”) with the master of internal and external affairs. The work includes regular cleaning, taking care of availability of useful items (for example scissors and whiteboard markers) and maintaining the lab coat rental service.

The handyperson maintains and develops the technical equipment in the quild room and also helps the Tuma officials and the master of internal and external affairs in maintaining the guild room’s other furniture.

The player organises all kinds of board, game, and board game nights. They may also organise game tournaments, role-playing games or anything else gaming-related according to their energy and interest.

Event Committee

Working Boy/Working Girl/Working Teen

Together with the host and the hostess, the working boys and girls form the guild’s main organ for executing events, the Working Club. A working teen’s academic age is greater than both the host’s and the hostess’s, but the job description is the same as for the other members of the Working Club. The club’s task is to organise different kinds of events for the guild, such as sitsit, sauna nights and parties. Working in the club is an ideal task for freshmen and older guild members alike, who want to affect how the guild events look, taste and sound like.

The DJ plays music in bigger guild events and afterparties to keep people dancing and also maintains the guild’s playlists. They mainly use their personal equipment.

Sports Coordinator
The sports manager’s tasks include informing the guild members of sports-related things, inviting guild members to try out new sports and enrolling Inkubio’s teams in the university’s ball game series. As a sports manager you can be as active as you want and make Inkubio’s year of sports just how you like.

Songleaders are conductors of sitsit and fosterers of the guild’s song culture. The tasks of the songleaders mainly consist of leading the sitsit, but one of the songleaders also represents the guild in the Songleader Committee of AYY’s Teekkari Section. If you sing rather than well and you have vision of the direction of Inkubio’s song culture, a songleader’s job is the one for you.

Culture Coordinator
The culture coordinator’s job is to organise culture events for the guild members, such as excursions to theatre or ballet, or lead the guild’s own production of culture.

Communications Committee

Editor in Chief
The editor in chief is responsible for the guild magazine S’napsi together with the master of communications. The tasks include scheduling, planning the magazine content with the editor team and negotiating with the school and other financial supporters.

The editors plan and create content for each issue of S’napsi together with the editor in chief. The editors have a lot of autonomy to carry out ideas and write about almost anything they’re interested in, as long as the topic assumably interests the readers as well.

Art Editor
The task of the art editor is to create a visually pleasing and readable layout for the guild magazine. The finished magazine is created together with the editor in chief, the photographers and the graphic artists.

Graphic Artist
The graphic artist designs advertising posters for guild events, creates graphical elements for the website and cooperates with the layout design of S’napsi.

Generic Coder
The generic coder helps when other guild members are baffled by technical issues. They help with website maintenance and updates, and they can also carry out programming projects for the guild according to their interests.

The photographer captures Inkubio’s most photogenic events and the faces of the guild officials and uploads the photos to the photo gallery. They can also take photos to be used in S’napsi, the Freshman Guide and other publications of the guild.

Social Media Manager
The social media manager produces content for the guild’s social media platforms. This task is for you, if you are interested in improving Inkubio’s presence and visibility outside the university.

Corporate Relations Committee

Corporate Relations and Excursions Official
The corporate relations and excursions officials’ main task is to contact companies and inquire their willingness for cooperation. By joining the corporate relations committee you can make valuable contacts, get familiar with the corporate life in bioIT field and develop your communicating skills.

Foreign Excursion Coordinator
The mission of the foreign excursion coordinator is to plan and organise an excursion outside Finland for the guild members. Both great experiences and glory are guaranteed for the organiser of a successful foreign excursion.

TEK Liaison
The TEK liaison promotes TEK (Tekniikan Akateemiset – Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) and its services to the guild members and maintains collaboration between the guild and TEK. You can turn to the TEK liaison with any matter related to TEK or the working life.

BMI Official
Inkubio’s BMI official represents the guild in the creation of the interdisciplinary BMI Project. BMI is a three-week project course organized by the students of bioIT, industrial management, information networks, medicine and dentistry. In the course of the project, the students get to solve healthcare-related challenges given by companies in multidisciplinary teams. The teams present their accomplishments in Demo Day at the end of the project. Inkubio’s BMI officials cooperate with colleagues from other participating guilds and their tasks include contacting companies about the projects and organizing events. The planning of BMI begins at the latest in the fall, and the project is carried out usually in the early spring.

Other officials

Hallopeds (student representatives in administration) are recruited by the student union and they are not actual guild officials.