Inkubio has maintained a digital document archive since the spring of 2011. The aim of the archive is to ensure transparency in the operations of the association and allow all members to follow the decisions of the guild board.

The document archive contains the minutes of the board meetings. Nearly all documents since the guild’s beginnings are archived in digital form, although some may be lost for good. Some of the documents are scanned.

The minutes, including the attachments, are accessible for everyone. The attachments of the board meetings’ minutes have been published on the website since 2015, excluding delicate information such as social security numbers. Attachments for the minutes before 2015 can be requested from the Master of Communications, who is responsible for maintaining the document archive.

The minutes are intended to be uploaded as soon as possible after approval, but they are more likely to be added a few at a time. No separate notification is given when new documents are added. The meetings of the board are open for everyone; check the event calendar for the next meeting’s time and location.