The brief history of Inkubio: from subject club to guild

The first freshmen of the Bioinformation Technology study program began their studies in Helsinki University of Technology in fall 2003. The new bioIT students belonged to and got their freshman education from the Guild of Electrical Engineering. Technology students are known to be eager to set up associations for all kinds of things, so naturally the bioIT students soon created their own subject club to promote their interests. The constitutive meeting of Inkubio was held in fall 2003, and in the following spring the association was officially accepted to the association register of the student union.

The newly founded subject club began to organize recreational activities for its members as well as promote the bioIT students’ interests in HUT. Different annual events were quickly established, such as game night, anniversary celebration and pre-Christmas cruise.

Since the constitution of Inkubio, many had been thinking that the association should gain a guild status. According to the association guidelines of the student union, a guild is an association that comprehensively represents students of a degree program and promotes their interests for example in the university and professional contexts. A guild status gives an association more freedom to operate and greater possibilities for freshman activities. However, running a guild requires quite a lot of people, experience and financial resources, so enlisting as a guild didn’t become topical until the end of 2006.

The association’s annual meeting obligated Inkubio’s board to apply for a guild status from the student union council, and action was taken right away. In 2007 Inkubio operated even more actively than before to ensure that the association could manage all the responsibilities of a guild.

The goal was achieved in December 2007, when Inkubio was made the 14th guild of Otaniemi. The operations of Inkubio continued mostly as before; the greatest change was the orientation of new freshmen. Earlier the freshman education was managed by the Guild of Electrical Engineering, but now the new Inkubites could take part in the guild atmosphere and happenings to the full from the start.

During the recent years inkubio has grown to a lively and active guild. The young traditions have become stabled and the number of guild events has grown steadily. The annual traditions include, for example, the Freshman Cruise, the freshman party Meioosi, and the anniversary ball Apoptoosi. More details of the history of Inkubio’s annual traditions can be found here.