Starting your studies


Welcome to Inkubio, the guild for bioinformation technology and Life Science Technology students!

At your service, we have our wonderful International Officer Noora, ready answer any and all questions you might have about starting your studies or Finnish practicalities.

At her assistance, we have a group of jolly international tutors, ready to show you all the hottest party spots and eager to help you navigate the travel card system.

International Tutors 2018:

Laura Hawk
Janina Niiranen
Markus Toivonen
Tuomas Poutanen
Antti Jokinen
Nuutti Sten
Matti Suominen


Useful stuff

Here are some useful links related to your studies and soon-to-be Aalto community!

Information for incoming exchange students

Life Science Tech students: After admission to Master’s studies

Aalto University Student Union AYY’s website in English – Find a flat, join a club or association or participate in student advocacy!