Inkubio has  events nearly weekly throughout the year. Events are organized alone or in co-operation with other guilds. The guild’s events offer activities for everyone whether you like partying, relaxing in the sauna or playing board games.

Information about events can be found from the weekly mail, so keep an eye out on your email. Events are also found in the guild’s calendar.



Sitsit are an academic table party where you can enjoy a three course meal while singing traditional teekkari songs. Sometimes sitsit will have a theme that is also reflected in the dress code. Often you wear a cocktail dress or a dark suit. Alongside singing, there might be other activities such as live music or short plays. The most traditional sitsit in Inkubio are the Wappusitsit, that are held close to Wappu in April. Often the Inkubites celebrate the Christmas season with a Pre-Christmas sitsit.



Sillis, aka morning after brunch, is a relaxing event that begins at around noon. It is usually held the day after a bigger party. The purpose is to enjoy different types of brunch food and sparkling wine. There is usually also the possibility to go to a sauna or a palju (outdoor hot tub). Inkubio organises a Wappusillis for the day after Wappusitsit.


Sauna evenings

Sauna evenings are casual events, where alongside the sauna you can often enjoy affordable food should you get hungry. Usually there are also some other activities included. Going to the sauna is a big part of Otaniemi student culture, so events that offer the possibility are abundant.



Apoptoosi (Apoptosis) is the annual ball of Inkubio. It is the finest event of the year and is held during late winter. An annual ball is a white tie event with academic honours. The name, Apoptoosi, means programmed cell death. It has been used as the name of the annual ball since 2007. Following Apoptoosi the next day is Nekroosi, which is the annual ball brunch. The name means uncontrollable cell death that is caused by, for example, poisoning.

The webpage of the annual ball can be found at



Biokeppana is an annually organized Inkubio’s homeland’s semi-long excursion trip. Several different companies are visited during the day, and the evenings are spent with other student associations around Finland. The trip lasts for 2 to 3 days, and the contents of the trip are kept secret to the participants. Discussions about the trip however last for a long time.



RekomBIOnaatio, (Recombination) better known as Reko, is an annual gathering of students of Biotechnology. Attending student associations are Inkubio (Otaniemi), Bioner (Tampere), Nucleus (Turku) and Olto (Oulu). The location of the event changes in cycles with Otaniemi, Tampere and Turku. The host guild will organize the most memorable events including company excursions, sitsit, checkpoint crawls, sauna evenings and parties. You will also meet a load of new people from different parts of Finland. The sign up gets filled in just a couple of seconds, so you better be quick if you want to attend!



Inkubio’s each freshman class organizes the best party of the early spring, Meioosi (Meiosis). Trademarks of Meioosi parties are an imaginative theme and glowing blacklights.


Other events

Inkubio has also organized a handful of other events depending on the year. Different types of events have been excursions to different types of culture events, trying out new sports, wine tastings and parties. The amount and shape of these events depend on each year’s volunteers.