Choosing a minor

The new Bachelor’s degree program includes 25 ECTS of minor studies. A minor can be selected according to your own interests from any of Aalto University’s schools, even from the School of Business or the School of Arts and Design. Some minors have quotas for participants and application periods, but most engineering minors are open for all and the courses may be completed before a minor is officially chosen. You can also apply for a minor from another Finnish university, such as the University of Helsinki, based on the Flexible Study Rights Agreement* (JOO). A JOO application requires the approval of Aalto University. You can also complete an international minor during your exchange abroad.

Finding a minor as a bioIT student

The Bachelor’s degree program in Bioinformation Technology is quite interdisciplinary compared to most other engineering majors. When selecting a minor, you might want to consider deepening your knowledge on a single field you have learnt about during major studies. A minor may help choosing an interesting Master’s program or major and also support future studies. On the other hand, a minor may also offer an opportunity to explore fields completely different from your major. A unique combination of different studies may well turn out advantageous in the future.

Information about all Aalto University minors is found in Aalto’s minors guide (2017)

*Information about studies in another Finnish university (JOO studies)

Don’t hesitate to ask your tutors, the guild’s study officials or other older students for advice on selecting a minor. If you are interested in a more unusual minor, it’s recommended to visit the school’s study advisor or planning officer. Contact information of the Learning Services (LES) of the School of Electrical Engineering is found here https://into.aalto.fi/display/enmasterelec/Contact+information.