What is Inkubio?

Inkubio is the guild for bioinformation technology and biomedical engineering students in Aalto University. Guilds are student organizations operating under the AYY. Generally there is one guild per degree program and guilds function as a "family away from home" for students moving in from afar. There are 14 guilds in Otaniemi. Guilds provide their members with services ranging from parties to company visits. Guilds also represent the students in academic decision-making processes and take part in developing the degree programs.

Inkubio is the youngest, smallest and prettiest guild in Otaniemi. It was founded as an organization in 2003 and gained guild position in 2007. It has about 200 members. Inkubio has a board of 10 members and dozens of officials organizing activities, developing academic programs, or producing the guild magazine. The officials are divided into committees divided by the board. The board and the officials are chosen annually by guild members and all members can apply to these positions.


A picture of some Inkubio members